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December 2014

Tutorial for the All in One Travel Case:



So I posted my newest project on instagram and Facebook and got some excellent feedback! One person asked me if I followed a tutorial for making this case and the answer is … no! I made this one up on the fly! 

But I figured, why not make a tutorial for other people to enjoy and so I will have some reference for the next one I make! So I made a quick and easy little tutorial with all the measurements (below!). Sadly, I don’t have any in progress pics (foolish, I know!) but I will take plenty of pics next time and re-work this. Until then, I hope you will tolerate my poor abuse of Microsoft Word. 🙂 If you decide to try this out, let me know! I’d love to see your pictures and feedback!




Much love!! ~ Kay 


Take my love. Take my land.
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don’t care, I’m still free.
You can’t take the [yarn] from me.

Theme from Firefly (via hooksforhire)


It’s crochet season! 😍❤️

Art by Chiara Bautista

I used to knit and crochet. I walked on both sides of that [muffled]. And when I was a kid, because my mom did. But I haven’t picked up any needles in a long while except to stab people. My wife does. My wife rocks some seriously crocheting. She started out— she was already a knitter but she started out crocheting hats for a friend who was actually in chemo and suddenly needed a lot of hats. And then, she just sort of went wild with it. She knitted a turtle, and scarves, and a guitar strap for our son. She’s pretty fierce.

Joss Whedon (X)

Woo Woo! Another Christmas present done! This one is a hat for my brother. He doesnt usually wear any cold weather accessories but he does ski so he requested a hat this year. 

His favourite colour is orange, so that was my choice for the colour accent. 

This has was frogged about 3 times before I settled on a style and pattern I like… If you’re interested in making one, here is the pattern I came up with: 

chain 52 (or the diameter of the person’s head) but make sure it’s an even number

Connect chain

Row 1: Double crochet 

Row 2: Front post double crochet into odd number posts, back post into even number posts 

Continue for 6 rows

Change colour

Do 2 rows of half double crochets 

Change back to first colour 

Do 17 rows of half double crochets 

Row 18: Decrease every third stitch 

Row 19: Decrease every second stitch 

Row 20: Decrease every stitch 

Pom pom is optional. 

I know patterns are supposed to have the right abbreviations but I have no idea what they mean so I type the whole thing out…. oops. 🙂 

16 Days until Christmas! Who’s ready??? 

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