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January 2015

Share the rainbow yarn love! 🙂 


Cassandra, 5 months old, Causie (hybrid wild cat) – her brother is almost 1 year old and 30 lbs of lean muscle. 

First attempt at making a 360 view of one of my hats 🙂 

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The eternal question

Crochet Hook Cases!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while.. and it’s very slow a work 😀

So when I first started to learn how to crochet I kept my hooks in a sad little zip lock baggie because I was always on the move and often took my crochet pieces with me.  After a while I realized that my sad zip lock bag was just not cut out for this sort of daily travel.

This was also around the time I started to experiment with needle felting. So I figured, why not make myself a little hook case? It was so much fun that I went on to make a ton more! So here are a few pictures of my hook cases: 


Here is the first time I tried embroidery! : 


These are some of my favourites 🙂 I have a good time matching up the fabrics to the designs. I have a chunk more sitting waiting for me to sew when I have time. 

If you would like to buy one, or see more styles, feel free to check out my etsy page: X 

And I’m thinking I’ll make a picture tutorial next time I sit down to make them, in case you want to make your own! 

Yesterday I had to go shopping for a bra for my mannequin. Of all the things to unnecessarily stick onto a mannequin… why nipples? 

*shakes head* What is my life? 

One of my faves… 🙂 Those scallops ❤ 

Want it? Etsy:

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