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March 2015

Tried making an amigurimi octopus for the first time. 

I failed. 

It looked like a weird french beret. 



The Hawkeye sweater I’ve been talking about FOREVER is finally done!

After finishing the individual pieces, I let them sit on my shelf for almost THREE MONTHS!
Seaming up knits is not a fun or quick process (especially at this gauge), so yeah.

But now it’s finished!!!

And it’s so comfortable, you guys! It’s one of my favorite new sweaters.

So wonderfully cool! There is nothing better than mixing Marvel with knitting. 

now that my cosplay’s are almost finished, I want to take some nice pictures…. but I have no idea what kind of location to use. 

I have this mental image of me dressed in full Loki gear at one of those hello kitty stores in the mall looking mildly concerned. 



Thor Doodle 

Because I love man-buns and freckles 🙂 and Thor 

Re-blogging my Thor doodle in honor of THOR WEEK !!! 

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