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August 2015

free crochet pattern 


Boot Cuffs

free crochet pattern 

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Sometimes the crochet community really amazes me with the things they make, and other times I wonder why someone felt the need to crochet their apple a cardigan. 


So in the 2 weeks since I created this side blog it’s already reached well over 200 followers which is crazy/awesome! 

This has prompted me to give it a nice theme and an “about” section. Feel free to give that a read if you want to know: 

– Who’s running this blog

– How I tag for easy searching 

I’ve got a pretty great lineup of patterns in store, and tons of great fall/halloween patterns, which I’m pretty excited about. 

I hope you’re enjoying the patterns, and as always, feel free to drop me an ask if there’s more of something you’d like to see. 

free crochet pattern 

free crochet pattern

espeonnn Is this what you were looking for? 

Thats the best I could find for free. If it were me, I’d crochet a rectangle about 14 inches wide in whatever stitch you prefer and keep going until it’s the height you like (i’d say maybe 2 feet) and then just attach buttons down the side. As long as the buttons you choose can fit between the stitches you’re good to go. 

Hope that helps!! 

free crochet pattern 

So Every Year I go to a Yarn Event that my city puts on and I have a great time browsing the really great indie dyers, makers, etc… 

It’s pretty big and there’s lots of classes and demo’s but I’ve never gone to those before, and I figured, hey, maybe this year I’ll try one of the classes… So I check their listings and there’s a “intro to drop spindle” class…. it’s $90 and doesnt include the cost of materials. 

So You’re required to bring your own spindle and roving, and pay $90 on top of that. 

The other classes are even more expensive. 

It’s things like this that make me shake my head when I hear older yarnies ask me why ‘young people’ arent as interested in yarn crafts anymore. Like…. make it more accessible and not outrageously expensive, and maybe you’ll see a difference. 

Most of us are drowning in debts, and it’s a hobby, for shits sake. I mean, most of the things you need to get started are available on youtube or internet tutorials. 

free crochet pattern 

follow freecrochet for more free crochet pattern links! 

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