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September 2015

free crochet pattern 



This is one of the first things I wove. It’s part of a four-part series of wall-hangings I made in colour palettes for each of the seasons (this one’s winter). I’ll post the others soon too. Thanks again to kaynoxxcrafts for the weaving inspiration! Everything I’ve woven so far has been on a little loom I made by hammering nails into a conveniently-sized picture frame I got at a thrift store. A paint stick works well as a shed stick and some loops of yarn and a kebab skewer make a solid heddle rod system.

Ahhh! It looks so good! I love LOVE the color selection. 

And yay for thrift store picture frames! 😀 

free crochet pattern 

free crochet pattern 


kaynoxxcrafts said: you tried weaving?? omg! I’m so excited! I think I’ve only met maybe 3 people on tumblr that have tried it which is so weird because my instagram feed is almost exclusively weaving.

(I’m not sure if I’m replying to a reply the right way, so sorry if the formatting is weird). Yes! I’ve made myself a little loom out of a picture frame and I’ve woven a bunch of wall hangings! I’ll try to post them soon. 

I honestly have no idea how tumblr does replies either, lol.

I’m so excited to see your weavings! I’d love it if you tagged me so I could see them on here. 

And my favourite loom is totally the very first one I ever made. It was an ugly little frame from Value Village for $2.99 that I hammered nails into and I cant let it go. It’s my favourite. DIY frame looms for the win. 


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