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February 2016

Free Crochet Pattern: Shawl 


I’m sure Yarnessa has Tinder 

Late Sunday night vibes  💙 😊

Free Crochet Pattern: Shawl 

Free Crochet Pattern: Citrus 

Free Crochet Pattern: Beanie Hat 


After drilling 60 holes with a 1/16 inch drill bit in a full sized drill (and I didn’t snap the bit amazingly), making 60 mini hooks, glueing them in, and making tiny labels for each tiny skein, my dye swatches are now displayed! 

The best part is the shadow box is hinged so I can pull them out easily to play with the colors when I’m trying to come up with new color combos. 

I have to get another one of these frames so I can display a tiny skein of each yarn I spin too!
Yay! Pretty yarn art! Now where to hang it…

Oh I love this so much! It looks like how they display butterfly/moth cocoons at the aquarium. 

And now I’m fully expecting them to hatch… 


Finished my shawl, I am so in love with the color! Thankyou @kaynoxxcrafts ☺️

*gentle screeching* Look at how gorgeous!!! 

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