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Hi!! Im traveling to Canada from the US (by air), and Ive been searching for what Im allowed to bring knitting wise in my carry-on, but Im finding conflicting info about what I can bring through security/customs on both sides of the boarder. Help!!!


Oh jeez, I’m not sure! Can anybody help out here??

I travel from Canada to the US and back on a very regular basis and I’ve never had trouble with knitting needles or crochet hooks in my carry on. And I’ve taken metal, wood and plastic ones in the past. 


I like the idea of a medieval machine that turns bits of the universe (the kind you shear from a sheep) into humble resources for making beautiful things.

Michael Lithgow (via @uppercasemagazine


I took a better picture of my Ice Cream Man yarn yesterday. It has so many pretty colors in it but it’s hard to show it in pictures. It’s actually my favorite out of all the yarn I’ve spun!

And don’t forget, everything over $5 is 25% off! Just use the code WOOLCOMBS during checkout!

ok look at that stunning pastel beauty! 

When life gives me a 3 hour layover my answer is knitting and Netflix. 😎

WIP Wednesday! There’s a part of me that actually really enjoys stockinette in the round. It’s peaceful and I can do it with my eyes closed. 

PS, that project bag can be found HERE 

What are you guys working on? 

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